23 Jan 2012

Our Story with GLASTON RC200

With the integrated Glaston RC200™ and iLooK™ line, we now have a better product for these groups.”

Our Story with GLASTON RC200


23 January 2012, Monday

“Until now, we’ve always used Chinese-made furnaces to temper our glass products,” says Ian Lee, Operations Director of Meng Heng Glass Pte Ltd. “With this latest investment, we decided to upgrade ourselves by switching over to a European-made furnace that we can use to market to our customers that are primarily architects, developers and owners. With the integrated Glaston RC200™ and iLooK™ line, we now have a better product for these groups.”

The furnace arrived at the factory in Singapore in October 2011 and was very quickly installed and commissioned in December of the same year. This make it the first commissioned RC200™ and iLooK™ combo in the world.

“In January 2012, we began production with the new furnace,” Ian says. “The quality it produces is very good and the reports that the integrated iLooK™ provides are very impressive. We’ve used these reports as part of our presentations to our target customers, and they too find them remarkable, as they are continuously looking for better quality products. And iLooK™ gives them the quality assurance they appreciate.”

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